Hotel Transylvania

Modeled, Mouse Jelly, Fair accessories including all sales booth and entrance to Festival building, Scooter
Airport:Modeled/Uv’d all hills and tarmac, gate,barbed wire, including airport. Placed/edited all the trees and rocks excluding the airplane


Whatchamacalit’s Temple

What was originally intended for something else blossomed into a full scale floating temple accompanied by massive roots pouring through the ancient temple. Modeled in Maya, 3ds Max and zbrush, …


Mystic City

I enjoyed modeling every bit of this city corridor from the individual bricks that were all handplaced to the roofing tiles. All a great learning experience in instancing . All …


Baked FX

Modeled  Futuristic car bay for an untitled spot. The bug is from a Film festival short for an unamed film.

Projectionist room

Projectionist room

This was a Final Thesis  project for My Senior year of Otis. I enjoy film quite a bit so i thought it would be cool to show where the projectionist …


Messy Kitchen

This messy kitchen is a satirical cartoon-like version based on my senior years kitchen as inspiration. Modeled textured, lit, and rendered by me in Maya, photoshop and Mental ray.


German bunker

This is a scenelet of a WW2 German bunker in a rocky, grassy, area. only 2 1k maps were used to create all assets and for terrain a single 1380×2048 …