SciFi Door room

This was a really fun project that is still ongoing the main airlock door was based off of Tor Frick’s Scifi Door series. I then ventured into my own Wall designs to really bring the scene too life.


Heisman House: Mini Johnny

This was a fun project to work on. I had to model these characters to  function like an actual toy. That meant I had to model all ball and pivot …


Bubblegum crisis

This is Based off of an old Anime i have been obsessed with for a long while. I thought I would do my own fan art for it. This is …


Hotel Transylvania

Modeled, Mouse Jelly, Fair accessories including all sales booth and entrance to Festival building, Scooter
Airport:Modeled/Uv’d all hills and tarmac, gate,barbed wire, including airport. Placed/edited all the trees and rocks excluding the airplane


Earth to Echo

Modeled/Uv’d all Ship Debris rising from the earth and sliced the ship into multiple pieces including making over 40 different interlocking
shapes with the same language


Inflatable Yacht

This was a short but cool project. I had to model then sculpt out a yacht and make it look as if it was inflated. Maya and Zbrush was primarily …


Whatchamacalit’s Temple

What was originally intended for something else blossomed into a full scale floating temple accompanied by massive roots pouring through the ancient temple. Modeled in Maya, 3ds Max and zbrush, …


Mystic City

I enjoyed modeling every bit of this city corridor from the individual bricks that were all handplaced to the roofing tiles. All a great learning experience in instancing . All …


Baked FX

Modeled  Futuristic car bay for an untitled spot. The bug is from a Film festival short for an unamed film.



This is a standalone version of Linna From Bubblegum crisis. Completely modeled in Softimage, rendered in Keyshot. I really enjoyed exploring Linna’s semi organic-hardsurface shaping along her curved armor. Learned …

Projectionist room

Projectionist room

This was a Final Thesis  project for My Senior year of Otis. I enjoy film quite a bit so i thought it would be cool to show where the projectionist …



This pilot was an exploration of semi-organic, Hard-surface modeling. Completely done in Maya rendered in Mental Ray



This was a great project where i did a study of a Hydraulic motor modeled completely in 3ds Max and rendered in Vray. It was fun to have the hard-surface …


Messy Kitchen

This messy kitchen is a satirical cartoon-like version based on my senior years kitchen as inspiration. Modeled textured, lit, and rendered by me in Maya, photoshop and Mental ray.


Runner Robot

This was modeled completely in Maya and rendered in Mental ray. It was a fun first dive into learning how to shape mechanical parts and how gears interlink.