Heisman House: Mini Johnny

This was a fun project to work on. I had to model these characters to  function like an actual toy. That meant I had to model all ball and pivot …


Bubblegum crisis

This is Based off of an old Anime i have been obsessed with for a long while. I thought I would do my own fan art for it. This is …


Hotel Transylvania

Modeled, Mouse Jelly, Fair accessories including all sales booth and entrance to Festival building, Scooter
Airport:Modeled/Uv’d all hills and tarmac, gate,barbed wire, including airport. Placed/edited all the trees and rocks excluding the airplane


Inflatable Yacht

This was a short but cool project. I had to model then sculpt out a yacht and make it look as if it was inflated. Maya and Zbrush was primarily …


Whatchamacalit’s Temple

What was originally intended for something else blossomed into a full scale floating temple accompanied by massive roots pouring through the ancient temple. Modeled in Maya, 3ds Max and zbrush, …



My responsibility was  to modeled and Uv all characters and furniture for occlusion and comping. I used Maya and Zbrush to get the desired result.



This is a standalone version of Linna From Bubblegum crisis. Completely modeled in Softimage, rendered in Keyshot. I really enjoyed exploring Linna’s semi organic-hardsurface shaping along her curved armor. Learned …


Messy Kitchen

This messy kitchen is a satirical cartoon-like version based on my senior years kitchen as inspiration. Modeled textured, lit, and rendered by me in Maya, photoshop and Mental ray.